Sc’holá’rs !

Holà ! We are very pleased to have you here. We are extremely grateful for your interest in helping us.

We are extremely happy and grateful to have you at Scintillations.
We are extremely happy and grateful to have you at Scintillations.

Here at Scintillations, you are allowed to be as free as possible in your opinions and we secure your privacy to the fullest extent possible.

You are allowed to give your details to the users and viewers at your own discretion. Scintillations will never ask you about your contact numbers, email IDs or any other source to contact you personally.

Here are a very few terms and conditions which, we would like to let you know before we become comrades and work together :

••• Scintillations is a blog created out of passion and with no enemity with anyone. So, we request you that, before becoming a member here, please do obtain your parent’s consent. We require that as very very essential here. That is our first and foremost condition. You may be perplexed by this clause here. But, we all know that, without their blessings, no venture can become successful.

••• Scintillations requires people, who are very passionate and very much interested in writing, posting and compiling their own articles. We would like to have posts, which are very own products of the brains of our brainee authors. Let us not make any copyright, trademark or patent infringements.

*Contributors can pen their own articles and give them to us. With due recognition and pride we’ll post it at Scintillations. Or contributors can provide us with good articles from any other source. They’re welcome to do that as well. Provided, they shall give due credits to the original author, the website or the source from which it is taken. They are required to be courteous by providing each detail in their posts in a conspicuous manner.

••• Scintillations encourages posts on any genre such as life motivation, awakening, spiritual, cuisines, technological products and developments, political (general aspects), sports and games, movies, books, news and any other field which the authors are interested in.

••• Scintillations doesn’t pressurize it’s authors to be active always. As already said, Scintillations is created out of pure passion. Whenever, you find leisure time and whenever you are interested, you can contribute your thinkings to us. We are very lenient in that aspect and also you are given full freedom as to your ideas.

••• Scintillations has not been created out of competition and we are not in any race to post more number of articles or anything of that sort. So, we are not expecting anything from our members of that sort. We are not expecting our blog to turn popular and we are ready to compromise on non-popular posts.

••• Finally, it’s the duty of every member of Scintillations to safeguard the reputation of our venture. So, we need to be doubly alert and cautious in order to stay highly reputed always.

  • Subsequently, any violation in the terms and conditions or any infringements or any unhealthy or abusive wordings in the posts will not bind on us.

Interested buddies can associate with us anytime. Yes, even NOW. You are requested to read the terms and conditions once again thoroughly. You are to satisfy all the aforementioned conditions strictly and confirm your interests one last time before partying together. 🙂

Thanking you.

with regards,

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