A Rainy Day

By Srinivasa Desikan


When i was going at the end of a gloomy day

the dark clouds threatened me by stopping the sun ray

For it was the end of may

that i realized tht the monsoon has finally found its way


It was a lonely walk from my college

in a day of my life which was a collage

Suddenly,the rain started to dance to the tunes

of the wind which filled my mind with spontaneous lunes.


So was the beauty of the scenery

and suddenly i felt i was trapped into a sorcery

The twilight has started to prevail

and i felt i was out of every veil


As i walked on the road lonely

the petrichor came timely

As i walked down the lane

my beautiful memories like these started to wane….


Scintillations doesnot approve or disapprove of anything in the article…These are the SOLE  views of the author..and he PERSONALLY,is solely liable for his views.The Author is doing his MS and he can be contacted at Srinivasadesikan.pec.edu



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