An Ode to Prince Ram …

I pray my Salutes to the scion of Solar dynasty

who made short work of Raavan who was nasty

about which the whole world sings

and by singing which you feel you ave got wings


The charismatic person ever to have don the robes of a man


and a great empire that he ran

Rakshasas and demons used to get tremors in their heart

and for his worshipers he formed their part


A darling for the most beautiful woman on earth

and full of Saathvic gunas for which there was no dearth

His arms were unparalleled

which made sure that crime and wicked are annulled


The savior of his beloved

whose beauty made all the three worlds behold

The master of Hanuman

the greatest bhakt ever to be born


The brother of Lakshman,his brother

who followed him in any weather

Protector of his brother Bharath and Shatrughnan

who made sure he always won


Hai Ram,the braveheart of Ayodhya

and the true meaning of Yogya.

The Salvator  of Vibhishana

and the liberator of Pushpaka Vimana.


Scintillations doesnot approve or disapprove of anything in the article…These are the views of the author..and he is solely liable for his views.The Author is doing his MS in IIT Madras and he can be contacted at


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