Why Women should be treated as Women and Neither as Goddess or a Bitch…

By Srinivasa Desikan

My Caption sounds Controversial right? Probably Not.In-fact some things seem Controversial,but they really vanish out of thin air,where as some things are really controversial, but we refuse to acknowledge that for the fear that the society may get an impression on us.

Let me give out a feeler of what my rest of the article will be.I am a devout Hindu who values the real and saatvic Principles of Hindutva. So i wont blame our culture definitely,but occasionally i would like to take a leaf out of the good books of Hinduism to depict how bad our society has drifted away from ethics.I am not going to name any culture,religion or tribe but i would definitely try to depict the mockery of Women done in some areas.We all grow up by  praying to all the trilogy of Powerful Hindu Goddesses-Lakshmi,Saraswati and Parvathi along with their counterparts.

There are ample places in the world where women are always thought of just a Kid making Machines and machines to lessen the appetite of Men.It probably worked well in Medieval period,when the hordes of tribes and barbarians and people who want to enjoy the privileges like that of already civilized people went amok and ransacked most of the civilizations either in the lust for honor or religion and in the process made the world think that with power u can do any thing either civilized or uncivilized to satisfy your lust.

There, during those wars,these barbarians and the religious fanatics always ransacked the whole cities and looted all valuables and everything they can have and laid their hands on every woman they can lay on and rape them and take them.Even in many cases Children or minors were not spared.We in India,we also revered and respected women and in-fact worshipped them as goddesses.I will tell why it is not over exaggerating.Over the time the ethics and principles always degrade.So to make them come to a level of equilibrium,they kept the status of women very high and worshipped,so that when the culture and ethics  degrade,the status of women can be at the exact and correct level.It in-fact happened  before the invaders came from Hindukush mountains and from Arabian Sea.

One of the few points which i would like to highlight which the people argue to depict ancient india as oppressive to woman is Sati.If Sati was compulsory,why did the queens of Emperor Dasaratha lived? And so is Kunthi.. The dowry which people follow now was actually reverse.My grandfather paid dowry to get my Grand mother’s hand.That was the ancient Practice.Of course,may be there were some misinterpretations;no culture is  perfect !

Having said all these,i am not going to dwell so much in history.Let me come to the present Status.In lot of places in World,still people think that women are inferior.Yes they may be inferior in case of probably Physical Strength,that too ,it is a general perception,i have seen Women ,who are very strong,in-fact stronger than Men.So it is a myth that the people are interested to carry forward so as to make a general belief and universalize that.

Women are also human beings.We need not always see their beauty or character or any of their traits.Lets see them as mere human beings,just one of the master pieces of creation as Men are. Writing praises about a girl whom u like and suddenly branding her bitch and propagating that when she chooses some one else over you shows how much our mind has been hardwired to believe that our society is a manly one and a man has every right to go after any number of Women,but women are not.Just see the same Human being that you tell urself for consoling your errors, apply to her also.Having said that,I am not a femi-nazi or Feminist.Its only that i am not Male Chauvinist ,but a mere human being who tries to see every thing as just creations of God.

One of the few things is that i always get worried is the fact that the first enemy of a woman is not man or the society,but fellow women.But i attribute that to the level of IQ and Introversion in women compared to Men.People who have high IQ and Introverts never tend to form a group.They are self sufficient.But this cant succeed in case of women at present.Now they have to join hands at-least till they get their rights and then they can squabble among each other.It wont matter.For present it is nice if they bury their differences among themselves and start being depicting themselves as one.


Scintillations doesnot approve or disapprove of anything in the article…These are the SOLE  views of the author..and he PERSONALLY,is solely liable for his views.The Author is doing his MS and he can be contacted at Srinivasadesikan.pec.edu






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