Computer Science and my Life

By Srinivasa Desikan

I am Presently doing my Masters in Computer Science and Engineering…..My love with Computer science started when  I started faring in pathetic manner during my High school..That was way back in my 11th.Then suddenly more and more I found Computer Science difficult ,more and more did it find it interesting.Finally  I decided that it will be my life forever….

Computer Science and my Life
Computer Science and my Life

Like many of the Computer Science grads, I didnt take up Computer science because it fetches the highest placements among all branches or it involves less mechanical work compared to other branches.I took it by choice.More and more  I went into making Computer Science my life , more and more did I realize that Computer Science itself can teahc me what life is ! Yes now let me stop writing my history and my Resume and let me tell you what i discovered in Computer Science about Life…..

The fundamental thing that i learnt was the bits in computer science.You can chat,you can play games,you can email,you can see movies,you can type documents and what not ! But the fundamental matter to all the things and all the above functionalities is the thing called a “Bit”. A bit can take up not many values.It can either be zero or One.But attractively everything else is beautifully crafted based on the number of bits,value of bits and the position of bits.Every Permutation of bits is meaningful in some way.So is the life.

There are only two important things in the life.One is Happiness and the other Sorrow.They are just the values of your feelings,like 0 and 1 are the values of bits.Everything in this world finally comes down to sorrow and happiness as everything in Computer Science comes down to 0 and 1.If you start looking the world in terms of only two discrete values -Sorrow and Happiness,everything becomes clear.See You have the values…its upto you to make sequences and play with that so that it becomes a meaningful sequence and the sequence here is life.

Finally everyone one wants the value 1 and not 0..i.e happiness and not sorrow..even then that is in your hands..It is you who should decide what makes you happy and what makes you sad.We actually depict zeroes and ones by voltage levels and its up to us to decide what voltage depicts what.So think on how you can depict happiness and sorrow in your life and based on that make meaningful sequence out of it….

In my next article ,i would tell how Operating systems and and Database systems have an analogy in life……

Scintillations doesnot approve or disapprove of anything in the article…These are the views of the author..and he is solely liable for his views.The Author is doing his MS in IIT Madras and he can be contacted at


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