What can we learn from Pakistan ?

By Srinivasa Desikan

I am not interested to talk about the prowess of Pakistan in arms race or nuclear arms or any other issue on these lines…i just want to highlight some interesting issue.See In the recent Cricket world cup that just concluded,while rest of the teams in their respective press conferences conveyed their desire to lift the world cup , Pakistanis were making a funny point that they will defeat India in that world cup, of course which they never did.

Mauka Mauka !
Mauka Mauka !

I am not just boasting of India’s unbeaten world cup record against Pakistanis (Although as an Indian I would love that….) ,i want to highlight the basic mindset of Pakistanis.From their Creation , they are always obsesses with India..whether it is their Civilians or their Political Masters or their Power Centre…that is their Army.They are so obsessed about India is Their only issue is India..They forget their Civic Problems and every other problem and they still get obsessed with India.There is lot of terrorism (Home grown Mainly) ,No electricity in Many parts and so on…Still their only problem seems India.

Okay..enough of telling about their Mindset..what can we learn about them? The main thing here is if you are jealous about some one , you need not always think about him/her. As long as you are obsessed with tha person , you can never develop.While India doesnt even care about Pakistan,they consistently try to get world attention by crying they are also a powerful country.A good analogy will be the Vadivelu’s Comedy in Thalainagaram…in which when policemen come and arrest a few rowdies in that area…Vadivelu begs the policemen to arrest him also as if they dont arrest him..people no longer recognise him to be a rowdy.Infact he will be such a dummy piece that by seeing him you laugh rather than fear.Same is the case of Pakistan..

Yov ! Naanum Rowdy thaan ya !
Yov ! Naanum Rowdy thaan ya !

You should do something to make the world recognise you…you shouldnt beg to get recognised….India on other hand doesn’t care about Pakistan and its goals are higher and wants to be a super power..where as the only goal before ,now and ever for Pakistan will be to defeat India and the consequence…you can see Pakistan how it is now…I need not tell anything…..

So crux of the Story…..

“If your enemy goes to Toilet,,he may have got the urge to go there for his own issues….Your Enemy’s entering Toilet should not be Your urge”

Although i tried to be some what too much Comic in the last sentence…The message is clear…

Unless and until you dont have your long term goals and pester around having  goals based on comparison,you can never develop !”

Scintillations doesnot approve or disapprove of anything in the article…These are the views of the author..and he is solely liable for his views.The Author is doing his MS in IIT Madras and he can be contacted at Srinivasadesikan.pec.edu


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