Live in Harmony with Yourself !

Unlocking Inner Peace: Finding the Light Inside Yourself.

"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself."


If you are anything like, say, human, you will have a fun time controlling those crazy wacky thoughts as you seek to live in harmony and find your way to inner peace.

Wait, what? You are not on your way to inner peace?

Then where exactly are you headed my dear? There is nothing — nothing — worth having in this world without peace … and there is everything to be had in the presence of true inner peace.

So whatever lofty, or not-so-lofty, goals you may have for yourself, whoever you may be from a peasant to a king, from a hard worker bee to the richest person in town, peace is the ultimate treasure bank. With peace, you are king (or queen), you are rich beyond your imagination.

So yes, peace is a big deal. It is what our hearts truly yearn for.

Now back to the thoughts that steal, rob, shake and destroy this inner peace every time you seek the darn thing.

The thoughts that insist on bringing you down with “logic” and “rational reasons”.

You know these thoughts, the ones that you are so anxious to speak that you can’t wait for someone to ask “So how is it going?”. You can’t wait to utter them so you can hear yourself rationalize all the things that are going wrong, so very wrong in your life.

Thoughts that may sound like this:

My life is so unfair.
I can’t believe my website crashed AGAIN!
My spouse gave me the look again even after I cleaned up the kitchen!
My friends don’t care about me, it’s obvious from the way they act.
I am fat, ugly and on top of that, getting old.

Or the ultimate one:
Positive thinking and this new age nonsense is really annoying and totally out of sync with reality.

Such compelling evidence that we should really give in to the thoughts, stop arguing and agree that yes, life is hard, and for most of us, quite unfair, and well, let’s face it, positive thinking has never cured anyone of their illness or of their misery or of their debt. Has it?

Actually, it has.

The power of positive thinking has been proven not just in the ‘New Age stuff’ that you come across every day, but in science. It has been proven that the mind is powerful in ways that is known to man and unknown to man. It is still a mystery that we are unraveling but not one single educated medically-trained expert can deny the power that your thoughts exert on your life.

That power can go either way. In a good way or straight to hell.

If you are not careful, you create a hell inside your head. A prison with walls that are so thick and so dark you can’t ever crawl your way out, even if reality puts you in a mansion, in a palace, in a paradise on earth.

If you have no peace, you have nothing.

Until you begin to see the light inside yourself. Until you really understand what Persian poet Hafiz was talking about:

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the Astonishing Light of your own being.”
~ Hafiz


If you want to be happy, you need to be able to live with harmony with yourself first before you can be happy with anything or anyone else.

You are your own foundation.
You are your own pillar.
You are your own strength, your own power, and you could choose to build it all or trample all over it with your muddy boots.

I say let’s build it.

No matter what has happened until now in your life, even if you have hit your rock bottom – which incidentally so have all super successful people – you can begin again, today, right now.

How do I know it’s not too late for you?
Because you are still here, a living breathing machine with a perfectly good instrument – your body, your mind, your heart – and with time left to do wonderful things still.

In short: You can’t ever again forget that you need to be in harmony and peace with yourself first before serving the world. Or being of much use to anyone else, really.

7 Things You Can’t Forget If You Want to Live in Harmony with Yourself

Let yesterday and all the days before it just sit and live in the past for now, I *know* you can do this, and just for kicks, tell yourself you are starting fresh. Let your thoughts mock you and let yourself even laugh at the whole notion. But start anyway.

Now, let’s go back to basics together. Insist on inner peace and harmony with these 7 things that you can’t forget to do:

1. Breathe life into your body only with love. Not with anger, or self-judgement or criticism for what you ate last or what you desire next. Just unadulterated pure love. It doesn’t mean you are throwing discipline and good sense out of the window. It just means you are covering it in love, not tension and stress, whenever you breathe.

2. Decide your own self-worth before others do. Decide today that you are worth your weight in gold, or diamond, or your favorite rare jewel, and watch how nobody can dispute that once you establish your own worth. How can they? You have claimed your self-worth. You are done with this one. Insecurities haven’t a chance against a decisively positive mind!

3. Accept your loved ones just as they are. That’s right. We’re dealt out of a deck of cards, and we don’t get to switch. It is what it is, they are who they are, and perhaps they are even far better than we give them credit for. So stop changing them. Change yourself first. Change yourself only. And accept them as they are.

4. Allow none to make you feel small, guilty, ashamed or insecure. Nobody has the permission to make you feel anything. You allow it. You open the door and say to them, “Sure come in, make me feel like crap, I allow it, no problem.” Without that, they can’t do it. What do you choose then? Choose wisely.

5. Expand your heart and your mind with books, education, and constant learning. Learning happens on your time and on your watch, not in school and not at work. When your mind is learning, it is staying young and active and sharp. Read books. Educate yourself. Be learning whether you are 20 or 120 years old.

6. End your pursuit of accumulation of stuff and replace it with collection of experience. The path to minimalism is paved with true peace and harmony. It is pure, beautiful, and one that everyone can travel. It is the joy of seeing and believing that less is more, that we have all we need, and that we need only more inner peace and harmony, none of which you can buy. Collect experiences to enrich your life.

“Our souls are not hungry for fame, comfort, wealth or power. Our souls are hungry for meaning, for the sense that we have figured out how to live so that our lives matter.”
Harold Kushner


7. Give yourself permission to be human, to be who you are just as you are. Can we stop being so hard on ourselves for just a change? Can we not see that being hard doesn’t get us where we want to go, but it only crushes our spirit? Be human. Sleep in if you need it. Eat more than your fair share if you are hungry or craving it. Allow your body to heal from injuries and pain – whether it’s physical or emotional – and allow yourself to be human. Then when you have recuperated, healed, and feel strong again, pick up speed and keep going. You’ll go faster if you are gentler to yourself first.

One More Thing to Get You to Harmony and Inner Peace

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